When I attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice I did not know that in the future I would have been expert in color correction, but definitely my dream job was working in the world of cinema. An ambition that accompanied all my path and that allowed me to become a professional colorist and owner of Officina Immagini, a production and post-production comapny of videos, commercials and movies.

My story begin with a gift from my father on my 14th birthday: a Ricoh 500 with which I started shoot in manual mode as people used to do in that time. Growing up I started to develop my passion for “moving images” that led me, after studying in Venice, to enter into Interactive Group, a large video post production house in Milan. Here I have started working on color grading.

In 2001 I worked in Vajont, a film by Renzo Martinelli – the first Italian film that had an all-digital post-production, and the third one in the world. In this occasion I went for the first time in Cinecittà where I stayed a few years, contributing to the realization of the project “Cinecittà Digital”.

This has been my springboard; the beginning of a professional career that has taken me from Rome to Turin from London to Paris, and that allowed me to work alongside great directors such Salvatores, Benigni, Antonioni, Muccino, Roman Polanski. I have received several awards at national and international level, including a nomination for an Oscar in 2009 for the post production of “Four Single Fathers” by Paolo Monico and produced by Gabriele Muccino.

The desire to realize what was taking shape over the years as “my project” prompted me to go back to Padua and bring together a team able to cover the entire chain of production and post production. Today my goal is to offer an alternative to the film industry of our country geared more to spend money to make a profit. I still believe that we can make quality films that can give satisfaction to those who work there.


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